About Us

Shree Venkatesha Shiva Bhakthi Yoga Sangha®

Shree Gokarnanatheshwara College is governed and managed by a charitable trust – Shree Venkatesha Shiva Bhakthi Yoga Sangha, Karnataka Societies Act. The governing body  believes in transforming the downtrodden section of the society into strong and self reliant cittizens through the bond of unity and the universal message of Brahma Shree Narayana Guru 'Educate to be free organize to be strong'.

Since inception the Sangha is organizing free medical camp every Sunday under the leadership of eminent doctors and distributes medicines to the tune of Rs.75000/- annually.

Inorder to make education accessible to the poor the Sangha undertakes the distribution of scholarships amounting to Rs. 4-5 lakhs.

Shree Venkatesha Shiva bhakthi Yoga Sanga is the governing body of Shree Gokarnanatheshwara college. Which is decentralized and headed by the president. At the intermediate level the Governing Council of the Institute is headed by the Correspondent, and at the collegiate level Principal is the administrative head of the institution who looks after the day-to-day affairs. The Management takes major broad policy decisions regarding the infrastructure, finance, personnel, etc. in consultation with the principal. The institution adheres to the principles of Brahmashree  Narayana Guru of ‘one caste one religion one God’ – educate to be free and organize to be strong. The vision of rendering sound liberal education to the economically and socially backward and repressed sections of the society and providing quality education to every willing mind irrespective of merit and means. Our college also Provide Scholarships for the academic, sports deserving students. Students of our college are also given with free pass for the mid-day meal facility provided at Sri Gokarnanatheshwara temple, Kudroli. The management and philanthropist Contribute Rs. 30000 each for the Academically deserving students who get a rank in the university exams. Students are also enrolled and provided with National and State scholarships.

College governing council: includes;
    1. Sri M. Seetharam - President
    2. Sri S. Jayavikram - Correspondent
    3. Sri M. Shekhar Poojary- Vice President
    4. Sri M. Jagannath - Member
    5. Sri B.P. Harish Kumar- Member
    6. Dr. B.G. Suvarna- Member
    7. Sri Vasanth Karandoor - Member
    8. Sri Arun Kumar- Member
    9. Sri B. Praveen Kumar- Member
  10. Sri B. Devadas - Member
  11. Dr. Renuka K., M.Com Ph.D. - Principal
  12. Dr. Sujaya Suvarna, M.A Ph.D. - Staff Representative
  13. Mr. Lokanath Poojary,M.A, M.Lib, M.Phil. - Staff Representative


Provision of sound liberal education, to economically and socially backward and repressed section of the society and contributing useful, intelligent, strong, confident, healthy, and socially contributing youth.


·       To impart quality education to every willing mind irrespective of merit and means.
·      To kindle innate strength hidden within each student by encouraging him to unearth the potentialities through various activities.
·      To propagate the true idealism of humanity and brotherhood through value-based education.