Humanities Association


Humanities Department was started in 1981 with the aim to train students in the fundamentals of History, Economics, Political Science. The Department Offers 3 years (6 Semesters) Programme in Arts (BA).  The department has produced s good number of students who have excelled in arts, literature, politics, social service, and various fields. Many of them have turned out to be excellent academicians, lawyers, teachers, and business executives.


To sensitize students to the broader social, political, economic, ethical, and human issues involved in social change

Objectives of the Department:

Encourage students to gain and develop knowledge, conceptual understanding, research skill, analytical and interpretive skills, and communicative skills

Encourage the students to respect and understand the society around them

Encourage the students to gain decision making, Investigative, Organisation, critical thinking skills

Staff In charge: Mr. Balachandra

Student representatives: