Institutional Distinctiveness

Details Of The Performance Of The Institution In One Area Distinctive To Its Vision, Priority And Thrust

The institution adheres to the principles of Brahmashree Narayana Guru of one caste one religion one God – educate to be free and organize to be strong. The vision of rendering sound liberal education to the economically and socially backward and repressed sections of the society and providing quality education to every willing mind irrespective of merit and means, and to propagate the true idealism of humanity and brotherhood through value based education is reflected in the celebration of founders day of the eminent reformer of South India namely, Brahmashree Narayana Guru.

The founders’ day celebration is accompanied by the organization of intercollegiate elocution competition, interschool elocution competition and primary school essay writing competition. The topic of inter collegiate and inter school elocution and primary school interschool essay competition is based on the sayings / principles of Brahmashree Narayana Guru viz. “Irrespective of human beings belonging to any caste or religion , they must essentially be good” , “There may be differences in religion , in language, in clothing , but human beings belong only to one caste which is humanity”. “There is no casteism in humanism”, “Grace , love and mercy are the base of reality”, “What brings happiness to oneself shall also bring happiness to others”, “Education and culture should be complimentary to each other”, “Fear emerges out of ignorance. Knowledge wipes out the fear and goads us to happiness” , “Earning money is no sin, but a sacrificing nature is essential”, ”He who loves is he who really lives”, “Devoid of dividing walls of caste , raise , hatred of rival faith , we all live in brotherhood”, “Act that one performs for one’s sake should also aim at the good of other men” ,”Just as waves are inseparable from the ocean, so too truth is inseparable from the world.”, “One who loves others selflessly in the real sense of the term , truly lives.”, “Life should not be stagnant water. It should flow continuously.”, “Culture blossoms in character, no one becomes great by birth”, “Anybody can guide you to swim, but expertise and achievements come through hard work only”, “One caste , One religion and one God for man”.

The inter-class rangoli, flower arrangement, drawing, elocution, singing competitions are conducted wherein the prizes are distributed to the prize winners during the evening program. Academicians are invited during the prize giving ceremony who deliberate on the life and principles of Brahmashree Narayana Guru.

The evening program is concluded with a procession wherein the portrait of Brahmashree Narayana Guru is carried amidst classical dance performances of troupes from North-Karnataka. The entire neighborhood participates in the celebration by chanting slogans of the saint and huge crowds assemble throughout the streets leading from the college to Shri Gokarnanatha Temple at Kudroli. Bhajans connected to the patron saint are sung throughout the procession. The message of universal brotherhood and communal harmony is very subtly conveyed in the neighbourhood.