Aims & Objectives of the Institution:

The College run by Shree Venkatesha Shiva Bhakthi Yoga Sangha aims not merely at providing sound liberal education, but producing useful, intelligent, patriotic, emotionally integrated, morally strong, scientifically tempered and healthy young men and women.

Our Values
~ Care and Courtesy
~ Integrity and Transparency
~ Initiative and Innovation

Our Mission
To ensure and enhance the quality of young buds through quality education and relevance to less privileged in particular.

Our Commitment
To Students: We will
~ Provide enlightened education
~ Meet academic needs in consonance with their social, economical and educational environment
~ Orient ourselves for the all round development of students fraternity

To Employees: We will
~ Promote a sense of participation and make them partners in progress
~ Provide an environment and opportunity for growth
~ Take steps to develop professional skills to enable them to handle their assignment more efficiently with pride.

To the Society: We will
~ Provide education to every “Willing Mind”
~ Act as trustees of young brains with huge strength

General Regulations:
        a) The working day is divided into two sessions. The morning session extends from 9.45a.m. to 12.45p.m., and afternoon session extends from 1.30p.m. to 3.30p.m.

        b) A warning bell is sounded 5 minutes before the class hour.

2) Late comers can enter the class only if permitted by the lecturer.

3) Irregularity in attendance, insubordination, habitual inattention, neglect of work, obscenity in word or act are punishable by permanent or temporary dismissal.

4) Every student should possess an Identity Card which should be produced when asked for, especially in dealing with the Office and Library.

5) Students are required to secure a minimum of 75 percent of attendance in each subject, failing which they will not be eligible to appear for Board / University examination.

6) Students are prohibited from consuming alcohol or tobacco related products in the college campus.

7) C.C. cameras are installed in every classroom and corridors for the surveillance purposes.

8) On all days of the week expect Saturday students are required to wear college uniform attire.

9)Students are required to participate in the various association which they have opted in the beginning of their courses.

10)Mobile Phones are strictly prohibited in the college campus.

11)Students are expected to wish the members of the staff on his or her first meeting of the day.