Red Cross Association


Designed by Henry Gray, the coin bears both our famous red cross emblem, and a current motto of the Red Cross Movement, 'PER HUMANITATEM AD PACEM', which translates to 'Through humanity to peace'. The Red Cross, born of a desire to bring assistance without discrimination to the wounded on the battlefield, endeavours—in its international and national capacity—to prevent and alleviate human suffering wherever it may be found. Its purpose is to protect life and health and to ensure respect for the human being.

Our college has a RED CROSS unit established I 1984. Students get enrolled in the unit and carry-on activities related to the association in a well dignified manner. The students conduct annual blood donation camp and donate blood with a tie up with hospitals and other social service agencies.

Activities of red cross:    BLOOD DONATION CAMP conducted in association with Indian red cross society.

Staff in charge: Mr Sandeep

Student representatives:

Mr. Prajwal
Ms . Shreya